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Title: Barn Zombies Shootup

Description: What do you know about the living dead, the zombies? Reanimated corpses brought back to life, walking around trying to eat you. It’s the classical theme from George A. Romero's film The Night of the Living Dead. Victims of some pandemic illness, or brought back to life by some witchcraft they roam the streets looking for flesh. The undead as they are called are slow, have only they basic functions and are not particularly intelligent but very, very dangerous. The myth of these creatures spread out in Europe and North American folklore in the late 19th century. Now we know them from popular culture like movies or even music videos like the famous Michael Jackson’s video for his song Thriller.

Game Walkthrough: You are a sweet girl on her summer vacation at her uncle’s house in the country side. Little that you know is that the small town is infested with zombies. One day the folks are having a celebration and you want to go, but your uncle has different plans for you. He gives you the job of killing all the zombies who are spoiling his barn. Also promises that if you do well he will get you a new wardrobe with nice clothes to wear. So that’s it. Its killing zombies meet dress up gal. All you have to do is to get a score of 15, that is to say to kill 15 zombies with ammo of 25 bullets. So you have to be precise. If you manage to do that then we go to the dress up part of the game. Choose the wardrobe that you like and dress up this courageous girl. So let’s go kill some zombies and dress up in some beautiful clothes.

Game Instructions: Use the mouse to aim and left mouse click to shoot, and press space bar to reload the gun. Let’s go and have some fun!

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