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Title: Deep Chamber Escape

Description: The intention of horror movies and games is to frighten people and evoke in them a feeling of horror and terror. The atmosphere is very creepy, dark and you usually hear different kinds of scary noises. Its main goal is to create a feeling of fright and terror, but at the same time excitement and adrenalin rush. Not everyone can watch horror movies or play horror games. So if you think you’ve got what it takes and you’re not scared easily, go ahead. But if you are the type of person who runs screaming at the sound of a squeaking door in the dark, then you should leave this game for the brave.

Game walkthrough: So you are up for some challenge. You like darkness and horror. Do you like mysteries? If so, this game will be a real treat for you. You will find yourself in a pretty dark room with no exit visible. Your task will be to try and find a way out. You will find some items which you’ll need to collect. With the help of those items, you can try and solve the puzzle which will lead to your escape from the deep chamber. So let see how long it takes you!

Game Instructions: To play this game, you will have to use your mouse. With a click on the left mouse button you will either pick an item up, or turn yourself. The items you pick up you can find on the right side on your screen and to use any of them, scroll the mouse cursor onto them and click. The same goes if you don’t need the item anymore and you want to put it back. Simple as that. Have fun!

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Added: 8 May 2011
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