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Title: Brain Eaters

Description: These days people always talk about healthy food and healthy living and that it’s ok and it’s normal but have you ever think about the zombies? I mean what they actually eat? They suck human blood but how can they fill themselves only with fluids? What is zombie’s favorite food?

Zombies are not good investigated yet, but there some experts that think that know how to answer this question. Many of them have different explanations but there are some things that appear general for them all - generally zombies enjoy eating warm, human flesh, and that may be considered as a fact. On other hand some zombies seem particular to eating brains, but another fact is that they never eat animals. …Now you know what to prepare if you invite a zombie on lunch…

Game walkthrough: Well we could say that Brain Eaters is really interesting game, besides the fact the name of the game sounds little bit creepy. And no, we can’t spare you from its contents because that what this game is about, and you will see that you will find a way to enjoy it.

Well you are a hungry zombie placed in a butcher’s shop that works with human flesh. Yes you heard good, human flesh! The butcher is cutting human bodies into pieces, he trows them down and you catch human limbs. You have everything that a zombie would like to eat, starting with fresh rump, hearts, brains… Catch them but be careful not to be greedy because that way you may eat missiles and acids and they may cost you a life.

Game Instructions: Choose the level of the game first. We recommend starting with the easy one and then going on with the harder ones. In the first level you have to catch 100 limbs in no determinate period of time, in the second (normal) you have to catch 200 in certain period and in the hard level you need to catch 500 limbs, again in a certain period of time.

To move through the space you’ll have to use the arrow keys. The left arrow is for going left while the right arrow is for going right.

Now come on and enjoy your meal. Good luck!

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