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Title: Explode Some Zombies

Description: One of the worst nightmares for anyone afraid for the future of the Planet Earth, might be some unexpected attack by forces unknown to us. It might be some kind of extraterrestrial invasion, or it might be some degeneration of the humankind caused by change in the structure of our DNA. It sounds very frightening indeed. Many men and women cannot imagine the horrors of such zombification, when you cease to be rational being and become mindless murdered hungry for human flesh. And it goes till the moment of total extinction

Imagine that we are in the middle of such an invasion. Something went wrong and no one knows what it was! With horrifying progression thousands living creatures, including humans were transformed in hordes of zombies that immediately started to attack everything that was near them. The only option left for survivor is to accept the challenge and go out there but fight for your life. What we need now is a courageous fighter that knows how to use different fire arms. The Government will equip you with different kinds of weapons and they count on you. That is not a problem for you. Use them wisely and start cleansing some zombies. It is your turn, so remember that it is the only chance for survival!

Game walkthrough: You find yourself up above the ground level, where thousands of zombies and zombie birds that are invading the earth. Try to score more because there is an exceptional option to unlock new weapons and new explosives. You should not worry about your life because you are on a safe position and the zombies cannot reach you. But remember, your safety does not mean that everybody else is safe as you are. You are here to protect as many people as possible, so don't allow the zombies to escape, because that means that lives of others might be lost. If the number of victims increases, your superiors might take you off the mission and send somebody else. So, you must give the best of yourself!

Game Instructions: To play this game you should use more controls including the mouse and keyboard. Using space bar you can prepare and throw explosives. To change the explosives and other weapons use the number keys. Use your mouse to aim and shoot at the zombie birds that are flying around. Good luck and fight for your life!

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