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Title: Breakpoint

Description: Damn those zombies! They attack out everyday life! Not literary, but on some way every day we meet some new facts about them. Here are some things that speak about the first evidences for their existence. Believe it or not, first evidences of zombies date back to the time of the Pharaohs. Legends say that the Sphinx’s nose was broken off by a cannonball fired by Napoleon’s army during his Egyptian campaign, but other legends say that the Valley of the Kings was inhabited by zombies. Zombies, primarily eat human brains, and they access their victim’s craniums through the nasal cavities…

Game walkthrough: And now we are back in the present. Here you are in a great surviving zombie game. Zombies and different kinds of ugly creatures, including bat, are attacking you, and you have to stay alive for a longer period, shooting them at the same time. Enemies will appear around you; literary coming from all sides in a circle, and you will see them on radar. Your task is to move yourself to the enemy and shoot him as soon as possible. If he attacks you, you will lose health and if your life runs out, it’s an end of the game. Don’t let this happen!

Game instructions: Now let’s see how to play this game. You need your mouse for playing and you will use it for shooting, clicking the left button. Moving the mouse to far right and far left will turn you on that side. You can move around in an angle of 360 degrees and the area could be seen on the radar. After a certain period of shooting you can run out of bullets and them you’ll need to reload your weapon, clicking the space bar.

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Added: 27 April 2011
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