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Title: Bloody Ground

Description: There are many stories that have as their main theme our civilization facing some great danger from outside, some kind of invasion led by forces that humanity did not expected. We do not know whether we should expect our own technologies to turn against us, or there might be some extraterrestrial force that comes to destroy us.

You are part of the special team of experts that have produced humanoid robots for protection of the mankind in special dangerous situations. Unexpectedly, those days are here! When the news arrived you were your control room, making the final preparations to activate the robots that are out in the fields ready to fight. They are waiting for your sign. Lock the doors and try to guard the center. Great battle with armies of thousands enemies that arrived from some distant place is going to happen. You should try to kill more of them and save the planet. Start the enemy cleansing now, before it is too late! They are trying to limit your movement by putting laser systems and electric field wires. The only chance to survive is to be precise, to eliminate them and save the day! Don't waste more time and go! Color the ground with blood!

Game walkthrough:You are controlling your humanoid robot in the war with the armies of invading strange creatures. You have your special equipment and remote control center. You are safe for some time, but you should use all your powers to stop those evil forces from finding you and stop them to take the control over your center and the treasury of rare minerals which for now are safe under your guard. After successful shooting session and numerous kills, more weapons and special bombs are at your hand, so better use them well!

Game Instructions:To control your robot you can use your keyboard: the W, S, A, D keys. Use your mouse to aim at the enemies and click to fire your arms. Try to orient from the screen above that shows you how many and from which direction they are coming. Be careful and try not to approach the laser and electric fence, because if you do, the game is over!

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