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Title: Ghoul Academy

Description: You have probably heard thousands of stories about the undead! Yeah, those creatures which are neither dead, nor alive! They are usually referred to as zombies! Well, most of the people don`t believe in such things or usually they are skeptics, while some people still believe in their existence! It doesn`t matter in which group you belong, but I guess you are one of those zombie game fans and I believe that you are going to love this game! So watch how father Painbringer turns into a fighter against those strange undead skeleton-like creatures! During the class he receives some news that the undead are invading again! Yeah, he has a task to destroy them all, so this act he must undertake is something like exorcism! Yeah, but this one is a special and unique kind of exorcism!

Game Walkthrough: Help Father Painbringer bring back the peace by destroying the undead hordes through the gentle medium of the double-barrel shot gun. In order to complete each level, you must fill the ghoul harvest meter by destroying as many of those undead creatures as you can. Each time you will get hit by a monster or a bullet, you will lose some life i.e. energy. You should know that the enemies are color coded blue which is easy, green is medium and the red ones are hard. When you kill certain enemies, you will get hearts, which will heal your life, or it also crates weapons. The letter on each crate reveals the weapon type within. At the end of each world i.e. level you will have a chance to face a mini boss. These enemies are a much tougher than regular undead foes and will test your strength. To kill mini bosses, you should aim for the jewel (which is usually placed in the head or the heart of each boss). The green color suggests that the boss is healthy, the orange means that he is hurt but still formidable, and the red that the boss is near death. Very rarely, relics will drop from monsters, collect all five relics to gain an extra heart container and huge score bonuses. At the end of the game you can see your level reached, undead killed and of course, your final score. So never give up! That is actually the message you will receive at the end of this game! I suggest you the same thing!

Game Instructions:To play this intriguing game you should use Up arrow key to look up; down arrow key to look down; left and right arrow keys to move left and right; 'x' to jump (you will have to tap twice to double jump or press jump + down to jump down); To shoot you need to press ‘Z’! Well, that is basically it! Come on and do your best! Good luck!

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Added: 19 April 2011
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