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Title: Curse Of Anubis

Description: Let’s make a short walk into the history of ancient Egypt, concentrating on the figure of the god Anubis. Anubis was actually an ancient Egyptian god of the underworld. His job was to guide the dead in the afterlife and he was protector of the spirits of the dead who was showing them the way to Osiris. The believing of afterlife was closely related to the practice of embalming and Anubis who was also considered as protector of embalming and guardian of the mummy and the cemetery. He is an extremely ancient god and his celebrated role is mentioned even in the Pyramid Texts.

Anubis is described as a black jackal-headed man, or as a black jackal. The thing is that Egyptians noticed the jackals who were looting around the graveyards, and this link between the animal and the dead appeared in their mind spontaneously.

And now, here are Scooby Doo and Shady in the entrance of Egyptian Tomb. What a hell are they doing here? Ah, it’s probably another of their creepy missions, but how did they come here? Let’s say it doesn’t matter now, the thing is to help them go out before Anubis comes and catches them. In this moment you are their guide in the underground, so do your best to help them. Try to do your job fast because there are no Scooby snacks in the tombs and these two guys become hungry really, really fast!

Game Instructions: For moving in the halls of the tomb you use the arrow keys. Left and Right for moving left and right, and Up and Down for moving forwards and backwards. Push the stone blocks out of your way by moving towards them. Have in mind that every room gives you a certain number of moves to get out safely. Let us see you escape from Anubis, good luck!

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