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Title: Tankmen Zombie Attack

Description: There are all kinds of games, and which one you choose depends mainly on your taste. There are more interactive games, point and click games, games in which you need to do very little, and others where you need to remember a lot of instructions and do a lot of stuff to pass a level. There are also games in which everything depends on how quick you are and how quickly you react. Well, this next game is all about the speed.

Game walkthrough: This game starts immediately after you press start. So, it means that you must be very quick and start shooting from the very first moment. You will find yourself on a pretty high tower, but we have no idea what you are doing there or how you got there. All that we know is that you are stuck there and enemies are coming in very large numbers, some are even running, and they will try to destroy the tower and at the same time, kill you. The good thing is that you will only need one bullet to kill one person, but then again, the ammo is not limited, so you can shoot as much as you want.

Game instructions: When it comes to the instructions of this game, you can relax, since there is only one important thing that you need to know. Your weapon will be your mouse, so use it to aim at the enemies and then press the left mouse button to shoot. On the upper left corner you can see the health bar of your tower, so keep an eye and do not allow it to become completely empty. Also, there, you can see the number of people you have killed. So now it is time to work a little on your reflexes!

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