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Title: Spell Racer

Description: Since we were kids, we have heard so many stories that include evil witches – those ugly ladies with supernatural powers who most of the time practice black magic with the help of a devil or some other evil power. Perhaps the most popular witch is the evil queen from Snow-white, but we can’t forget about witches of Oz, or Witch Hazel, or the sea witch Ursula… Since we’ve mentioned them, here are few interesting facts.

You know that male witches exist and they are not called a wizard or a warlock - male witch is simply a witch.

The broom stick actually was used for cleansing rituals not for flying If fact the wise women in the past were very often later accused of being an evil witch by the church Like human, there are good ones and there are bad ones A large percentage of witches are vegetarians.

Witches use herbs, incenses, candles, oils, etc. to cast spells. The thing is that they by no means sacrifice animals or humans.

Game walkthrough: And now, we can’t surely know what type of a witch is our witch in Spell Racer, is she a good one or a bad one. We only know that she must get to her castle very fast. Like all other witches our witch flies on a broom stick and first she must pass the city in order to continue her road. After that here are the woods and the desert. She flies but she must take care of herself and to shot pumpkins, ghosts and bats, if she likes to stay alive.

Game Instructions: There are some instructions that you need to have in mind when you play the game. Arrow keys are used for moving, or more precisely flying with the broom, while the spacebar uses for shooting fire balls. Shooting at a pumpkin gives you 100 points, shooting at a ghost gives you 300 points (that will cost you 3 shots) and for bats you get 500 points (you waste 2 shots). Don’t forget to collect items – ammunition, shields and the spell book.

The key is needed for entering into the castle, while the potion is necessary to win the game. It’s nice that you could choose between easy and advanced level. Good luck!

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