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Title: Here To Collect

Description: Those zombies are attacking again! You are the one who has to fight against hordes of the undead! You must take this challenge and put an end of these evil and dangerous creatures!

Game Walkthrough: Your main goal is to survive for as long as you can in this zombie shooting game! As you kill the enemies, you'll come across new weapons like shotguns and machine guns. Make sure you don't get surrounded. Even if you kill a lot of zombies to make it to the next wave, any you haven't will remain; so don't let any extra zombies add up through the rounds. Remember that in this shooting game, you have a lot of room to work with. So, make sure you keep your distance from those creatures, and make sure you don't get stuck in the corners! Unlike other shooting games, you'll have to keep your aim fixed, and try not to throw your ammo in vain! If you get eaten alive, you'll be able to restart really quickly! If you get to the later waves, you'll come across some really interesting weapons! So be patient and precise!

Game Instructions: To navigate your character you should use the WASD keys, reload with the R key, and choose weapons by pressing the 1-4 number keys. Aim with your mouse, shoot with the left mouse button, and hit the ESC key for an options menu. Well, go there and fight those zombie hordes!

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Added: 15 March 2011
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