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Title: Shattered Colony

Description: Zombies have a great sense of hearing, much better than humans, while their vision is not as good. They are more attracted and notice noise and smell, so keep an eye and try to be as quiet and keep your distance if you wish to have any chance of surviving. Make sure that you remember these things, because very soon you are going to come very close to these horrible creatures and you will need all the info you can get in order to survive.

Game walkthrough: Be prepared to be attacked by hoards and hoards of zombies, infected by a mysterious global outbreak of a brain affecting virus. Your main goal in this game is to secure the city by killing the infected zombies and collecting different resources as you go on your way. Once you get to the bridge, you will need to destroy it, so that you can settle on the island and the zombies could not reach you. The time is of importance in his game, so make sure that you have got plenty of it before the next hoard attacks. And most of all, keep try and build a secure new home for your new family, they are all you have got.

Game instructions: What you need to do first in this game is to build some kind of base for you and all the other survivors. For this, you will need to use your mouse and the icons that you see on the game screen. To pick something from them, you will need to click on it with your left mouse button. Press play to start this game, and everything will become clearer. Be safe and do not allow you or anyone else of your colony become one of the bad guys, that is, turn into zombie.

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