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Title: Rolling-Fall

Description: Are you a logical person? It means that when you need to decide about something you put ahead valid reasoning instead of emotions or something else. Logical thinking is a plus when it comes to mathematics, computer science and so many practical situations in real life.

You might think that emotions is the best way to go but this isn’t always the case. Logic sometimes keeps us safe and guides us to the best solutions. Yes, from time to time we need to cut loose and do what our heart says but never forget about logic.

Game Walkthrough:This is a simple online game where you need to show how logical you can think. There is a city guarded by zombies or as we call them the living dead. They won’t attack you, drink your blood or do anything else you see in the horror movies but nevertheless it’s not easy to kill them. There are balls over their head or besides them and you need to cut the chains and drop them over their head, besides them … So you need to use your logic to cut the right chain at the right time and you only get one chance. If you don’t seize it you will lose the level. Also the task gets harder and harder as you progress in the game.

Game Instructions:You can do all you need to do with the help of the computer mouse. You don’t need any technically complicated things to be the best all you need is good logic. Show us!

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Added: 5 March 2011
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