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Title: Meat Mansion 2

Description: A mansion is a type of an enormous house in which there are many rooms, from bed rooms, to several bathrooms and even gyms and playrooms. These mansions are very expensive and usually only the very rich and famous people can afford them and they sometimes go overboard and turn them into cinemas even.

Game walkthrough: You are trapped inside a mansion, and your one and only task is to find your way out of it – alive! There is one important thing you need to know, and that is – you are not alone in the mansion. There are some very scary and dangerous creatures inside with you, and you will need to do your best and kill them before they kill you. Do you think you have the guts for this?

Game instructions: Use the mouse to interact with the surroundings as well as to control your weapon. Move it to set the aim and press the left mouse button to shoot. When you are out of ammo, just press the space bar and it will reload. Use the Q key to use the medical kit. The numbers from 2 to 4 are for the selection of different weapons. Be very careful and trust no one, if you die, the game is over!

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Added: 19 February 2011
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