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Title: Resident Evil

Description: Resident Evil, or known as Biohazard as well, is actually a whole media franchise. First there were a survival horror game series made for PlayStation in 1996 but after that the media franchise has been expanded to comic books, novels and novelizations, sound dramas, live-action and movies, and a range of collectibles, such as action figures and strategy guides.

Game walkthrough: Raccoon city has been quarantined by the Umbrella corporation and Alice is there. Your come in this game will be to take the control over Alice and destroy all contaminated humans who have turned into zombies. There are different weapons that will help you do your job like pistols, shotguns, even a rocket launcher. All of them are good and will answer to your needs in a different situation. Save Alice and save the whole city from those terrible invaders that have been your friends few minutes ago.

Game Instructions: For playing you’ll be using the keyboard. You will move your character through the space with the arrow keys and you will shoot using the space bar. Those zombies seem to be really fast, even if that is not so typical for a zombie, and they may catch you in a minute so you better be prepared to act fast.

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