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Title: Night of the Cursed

Description: You had a really pleasant night with your partner, but you didn`t know that this night was actually The Night of the Cursed! Oh, no! Waves and waves of zombies! They are a real treat for the planet! Are you ready to deal with them? I hope you are, because here is really great zombie game for you!

Game Walkthrough: Survive together with your partner called Ella, through a horrible zombie night, fighting off wave after wave, while upgrading your firepower. You have 25 exceptional upgradable weapons and a wide range of booby traps to keep the zombies off you! Killing those creepy creatures earns you points which you will be able to use later to buy weapons, upgrades and traps. This way you will be better equipped to deal with them! You will have to walk through bloody halls and rooms in search of those zombies. The intermission is shown between levels.

Game Instructions: You should use WASD keys to move around and also you can use the arrow keys for the same purpose! Use the mouse to aim and shoot! As soon as you see a zombies you should aim well towards them and click on the left mouse button to shoot!!!

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Added: 3 February 2011
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