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Title: 24 Days in the Mall

Description: This is a 24 day challenge. Your friends are building upgrades for the Kombat Car during daylight, while your task will be to keep the mall safe by killing the zombies that come out at night. However, If you are successful, you will be rewarded with medals and you will get promoted. But, for now, you start as Mall Security. Do not get discouraged, it is a very important job and without you your friends will not be able to do their job. So head up and do your best!

Game walkthrough: As soon as you begin playing this game, you will get to choose a certain mode. There are the story mode, upgrades and bullets, free bullets mode, the transporter mode and the medals and challenges mode. Your Kombat car gets upgraded based on the hours of daylight left. To gain some extra hours and bullets you should first try to play in the free bullets mode. There are six types of bullets. The regular bullets are never-ending; you get them from the store, so keep your cannon upgraded regularly. Other bullets include: ice bullets, electric bullets, fire, cans, etc. But enough about bullets. There is something which you need to remember: you cannot accumulate time, so you need to use it wisely and not waste it!

Game instructions: Use A and D keys to move left and right. To shoot from the cannon you need to use the left mouse button and you chop heads with the space bar. To change the types of bullets, use numbers from 1 to 6. If you want to rest for a while and you need a pause button, well there is one. Just press the option button and at the same time you can also set the volume and the graphic quality. The only things left to say now is good luck and have fun!

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