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Title: Simpson Cemetery

Description: Are you a fan of the Simpsons family? If you are, than you probably remember that they live in Springfield?!? Well, this time you will have a chance to help the citizens of this town because they are in some kind of trouble! There had been some rumors that zombies started to appear at the Springfield Cemetery! But is this true???

Game Walkthrough: It seems that Springfield was really attacked by zombies! Oh, yeah…those undead started to walk throughout the streets! People from this ordinary, quiet town are frightened to death! Something has to be done! Do you think you can help?!? Here you are in front of the Springfield`s cemetery! You should aim and shoot the wondering zombies. Destroy them and protect the town from these awful creatures. Here you will see many characters from the Simpson`s series, but also you will see some historic figures like Shakespeare etc. You have 10 bullets to shoot. For each shoot you will get 100 points! You can see your score at the left side of the game screen! They are emerging from both sides of the game screen and you have to be ready in any moment to shoot the! You must shoot them all! Don`t let them escape! Well, they are not moving very fast, so it`s possible to achieve that! Kill as many Springfield ghouls as you can, without using all your ammo. Shoot Krusty the clown for bonus ammo. He is hiding behind the tree, and he is disappearing really quickly, so you have to react pretty fast if you want to hit him.

Game instructions: This is a game that requires playing with your mouse! So aim with it and click left mouse button when you are ready! You must put an end of those creepy walking undead!!!

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Added: 18 January 2011
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