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Title: Death Penalty

Description: Are you one of those football fans? Do you watch the European Football Leagues? Do you especially like the Premiere League? And some of the greatest football teams in the world such as: Aston Vila, Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, Milan and many, many others? Some of the greatest football matches in this premier league were won by a single kick! This league has a history of many great shooters of all times. Have you ever imagined to be in their place, and to win the most important game for your team? If you are you are also going to love this game! Yeah, you should play football and you can choose your favorite team!…All those great teams from the premier league. But you know what? You should play against a team of zombies…yeah, those undead creepy creatures! How about a game of volley kicks in which you are the shooter and the opposite team goal keeper is actually a creepy zombie you must kick with the ball until he is finally dead!

Game Walkthrough: So it`s time to kick some heads in! You are placed near the penalty kick area and you are waiting for your mate to throw you the ball from aside. You have the opposite team goal keeper who is a zombie and who will thorn you into pieces if you don`t hit him with the ball. Each time you hit him, you cause damage! You can break his legs or even cut his head off. The dotted line shows you the direction of your shoot and this can help you to aim better on your target! Try to use every ball you get from your team mate, because as soon as the zombie starts walking towards you there is no way to escape! So be fast as you can!

Game Instructions: To play this zombie game you need to use your mouse to aim up and down, and click on the left mouse button to shoot. You should hit near the dotted line for best shoots. You should aim in those zombies Heads, because they will bring you bonus points, and hit sweet spot for max damage! Bonus Points you will also gain for full body explosions! Well, buddy come on and play this dead penalty game and show those zombies what you can do with the ball!

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Added: 16 January 2011
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carlos (24 January 2011):
carlos (23 January 2011):
someone try beat my score
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