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Title: Kill Cows and People

Description: How cool it is to be God? OK maybe not all the time, that is too big of a responsibility. But to be in that position for an hour or two, even a day, is pretty interesting thing. The actor Jim Carrey was God once, although it was in the movie Bruce Almighty. He played a guy that complains about God too often so he is given the opportunity to run the world and see how difficult it is. The final impression is that you have to be perfect to be God and in many situations it’s proven that us, humans are not. But give it a try. Walk a mile in God’s shoes. Just beware; they are pretty big shoes to fill in.

Game walkthrough: On the sixth day, God created the man and on the seventh, he realized he made a mistake. Now, he has to destroy everything so he can start over. Angels, cows, people … everybody are feeling his rage. Don’t even press start if you don’t like this introduction. It’s a well known fact that nobody can be God but sometimes it’s fun to pretend especially in the virtual world. Unlash your rage upon the disobedient humankind. They deserve everything they will go through and even many more things. So be the harsh God and wipe out everything you see. It’s your divine job.

Game instructions: You can do everything you need with the computer mouse. You clean the Earth with the help of thunders. So with the mouse you can aim and shoot by clicking on the left button.

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Added: 31 December 2010
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coolgamerboy (3 July 2011):
umm lol its so hard man but idk i dont even know if i like this
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