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Title: Tangerine Panic

Description: Running for some ones is just sport, for others is habit but for you in this game is only way to stay alive.

Game Walkthrough: Each one of us at least once in his life wanted to do sports, but by unknown reasons he never started. This time he has to, he must run like never before. In this game running is the only option left in order to stay alive and to see the next day. Be prepared for run of your life, you have no choose, you can’t stop, can’t take a break…. If you do that the tangerines will take your life!!!

Game Instructions: To save your precious life and to see new down, use your mouse to move left and right away from tangerines. If you want to play again, press ’Space Bar’. Run like it’s your last and have fun!!!

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Added: 18 December 2010
Rating: 5.00 [Rate]
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coolgamerboy (15 July 2011):
lol damm :D
rhys (11 May 2011):
this is shit Wave
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