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Title: Orchestrated Death

Description: Angel of Death, Devil of Death, the angel of dark and light, Grim Reaper, it’s all the same and it refers to an allegoric character that shows the odds of Death. According to some believes, he reaps the souls while wandering in the lands and decides for the death of the person, and according to some other believes, he is just a person who severs the last bonds between the soul and the body, who guides the dead to the next but he doesn’t have any power over the fact of the victim's death. His look is presented as a skeletal figure that carries a large scythe and is dressed in a black mantle with a hood. It may sound creepy but in this game you will see how it is to be in the role of the Grim Reaper who decides for the future of your next victim. You do that with dealing a card, as senseless as it’s possible.

You have three deaths to manage and the card will show you how the death should be provided. It may be selected Manipulate Card, Summon Card and Possession Card and the cases don’t have any connection, they are just random deaths. The idea of the game is to take out your victims, using the items from the environment around them, but there is more than one way to take them out!  Some items may seem senseless but it could be that exactly they are the key for solving the puzzle.

Game Instructions: Orchestrated Death is point and click adventure type of game.  You need to press "5" to insert coins, press "1" to begin and use the mouse for game play. Think well and follow the instructions of the game. P.S. here is a small hint, sometimes some actions could not been done before a certain period of time passes. Good luck!

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Added: 10 December 2010
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