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Title: Bubble Wrap Maniac

Description: Do you feel sometimes that you are more excited by the bubble wraps than by some item that you’ve just bought? You’ve bought brand new glasses for example, you putted them aside without seeing them, and now you are playing with these unbelievably addictive bubbles? Well my dear, the diagnose is clear – you are a bubble maniac!

Many people would say, what about this bubbles? They are just two slices of plastic set together with small round bubbles trapped inside… but they don’t take in mind the amazing popping sound that they make. And not to forget the moment with the nervosa, they are really interesting stress killers, it’s better than breaking or jelling at someone, so much better!

And since bubble wraps can’t be found easy, here is this excellent game that will satisfy your popping desire. Here you have the chance to pop all the bubbles, without caring that someone around you doesn’t like the sound. If you are asking yourself if there is some award for popping bigger number of bubbles, the answer would be no. It’s like in real life, popping has no purpose, it’s a pure enjoy, so enjoy it! That’s really enough sometimes.

Game instructions: Now it’s time to learn the controls of this game. They are really simple and let you do your job, without any thinking. A babble wrap will appear on the screen, so simply start popping the bubbles using the left click of your mouse. We guarantee you a great fun…

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Added: 8 December 2010
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coolgamerboy (7 July 2011):
lol weird  @  but this is lame Hmm...  Sad  @
pearsy98 (11 December 2010):
no offence but this is boring :/
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