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Title: Dynamite Tumble Flash

Description: Take care of yourself! Be careful! Don’t do anything stupid! Ah our parents attack us with these words like every day of our lives. Everything we do is too dangerous for them. We can’t get a break. Riding a skateboard, cruising with the bike, well sometimes even going outside without a jacket is a problem. Yeah, being safe is a good thing. We don’t want to break a hand or catch a cold either but we can’t live our lives constantly fearing everything. I mean safe sometimes means plain boring. So these words that our parents say to us every day of the week are just frustrating. But now we can’t get crazy and do all the things we shouldn’t (and mustn’t) do in real life, here in this online game Dynamite Tumble Flash.

Game walkthrough:The things that are unsafe in real life here will bring you extra points. You have a biker on a bike and a trail he has to go through. But all around, there is dynamite! Now you think that your job is to finish the trail without hurting the driver. But no! It’s the opposite. You have to hurt him as much as possible. We will award you for doing that. You might assume that hurting is very easy but before starting read the quick tutorial so you know what kind of action will bring you many points. Even afflicting pain can be e challenging thing to do.

Game instructions: With the arrow keys on the keyboard you move the bike and the biker. You can speed up, step on the brake, lean the biker back and forward. Also by pressing the space bar, you bail out. So crash his bones, player!

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Added: 6 December 2010
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coolgamerboy (8 July 2011):
to cool for YOU! SO ****IN COOL *GOES CRAZY* Cool
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