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Title: Skull Kid

Description: You are one angry kid with skull mask. Destroy everything what is on your way with your chainsaw, move with the arrow keys and press space bar to use the chainsaw. Good luck and have fun.

Played: 10,533
Added: 26 November 2010
Rating: 5.00 [Rate]
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emanirussell123 (17 February 2012):
lol my cuz love this game soo much
packman (26 July 2011):
i want to stick my d i c k in megon foxs m a c h i n a
coolgamerboy (7 July 2011):
wtf ITS EASY I COMPLETED WOOO SO N****IN EASY Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Wave  Wave  Cool  Cool  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands
rhys (11 May 2011):
i get stuke on floor tow Hmm...
rhys (11 May 2011):
this game is  Cool
jaybabygreene365 (16 December 2010):
wow my comment was pposted Happy  Hmm...  Clap hands  Sad  Cool  Wave
jaybabygreene365 (16 December 2010):
i love dis game Wave
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