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Title: Ragdoll Avalanche 2

Description: Can you imagine yourself stuck in a really narrow, closed space that looks like a box? Something like a prison, but even worse! ...You are trying to escape, but there is no way out! Not even a window, or ray of light. Only darkness ... just you and the four walls surrounding you! Well my friend, I know, it seems really scary! But there are even scarier things than to be trapped in a closed box-like room! Imagine that you are alone in some kind of a cave, with all those stalagmites and stalactites emerging from all sides!?! This is also scary, but yes, there is something even scarier! Picture in your mind, that exactly those stalactites and stalagmites( which are actually formed for a really long period of time, due to dripping of mineralized solutions and deposition of calcium carbonate) are constantly falling, and you don`t have much space to ran from them! They are so heavy! Oh my!

Game walkthrough: If you want to feel this kind of excitement and trill, but still be safe in the comfort of your own home, than try this game! There is an avalanche of falling stalactite all the time, threatening to cut to pieces the ragdoll`s body! So be very careful! If you focus, and try to react as quickly as possible, than there is a chance to save the ragdoll! Otherwise its body will be torn to pieces! Oh, don`t let that happen! It is really bloody! This is a very simple game, minimalistic in its visual appearance, but still very demanding! It requires speed, so be prepared when it begins! Save the ragdoll!

Game Instructions: To avoid the avalanche of falling stalactites, use the left and the right arrow keys to move left or right. React fast, and watch out! A stalactite is falling! Good luck!

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Added: 22 November 2010
Rating: 5.00 [Rate]
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CarlosQK (3 June 2011):
this game is very cool! Happy
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