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Title: Chain Of Fire

Description: Have you ever thought about the world as chain reaction of causes and effects? Maybe sometimes you were wondering why this or that thing happened that way? Well, this is a chance to help you think about that for a while. Sometimes a chain of events is being interrupted and things have not gone the way we expected. So, if we plan something bigger that is consisted of many steps, and we want it to be done, than we must be sure that we chose the right starting position, and to anticipate the chain of subsequent events. If you want to build a house, you must choose the ground area well, to set the base, and then think about the roof. Not, the way the opposite way. So if you want to set a fire, it is the same. You must make a plan!

Well, here we are! Maybe you could try to learn about cause and effect relations, about planning and ... what? Fire! Set yourself on fire by burning everything around you! Sounds good? But, please remember, don't try it anywhere else but here! Maybe, spreading a fire is easy thing to do in real life. Of course, you should not try that. But, fell free being a virtual pyromaniac! This is just a game, and you should enjoy burning things!

Game Walkthrough: The game gives you the role of some kind of god of fire, playing with the helpless humanoids on a strange earthlike planet. Starting with the first level, it leads you through different scenery, and imaginary woods, islands, gardens, strange labyrinths and mazes planted with trees in different arrangements. It is a long journey through different settings, and there are even 70 levels! To get to the next level you should accomplish the given goal, and score the points. Just try to concentrate on the main goal to ignite fire with lesser number of clicks, and to burn more. Burn everybody on screen to proceed to next level. Try to burn them all! And remember, you should carefully follow the situation and chose the right moment to set the fire for maximum effect.

Game instructions: You should use your mouse to choose a position and then click to set the fire. If you chose to start the fire on a man, with the first click you can stop him moving Then follow and move the rotating arrow to change its direction to set the direction of his movement. You only need to follow the humanoid figures and their movement, as to choose the best possible position to ignite the fire. Be careful of the water basins, if a burning man find water, they will jump in to it and will stop the spreading of the fire. To reach the maximum effect of the spreading of the fire, make sure to pay attention to the direction you send the first man, and to the direction others around him are going. Also you should pay attention to the position of the trees and the possibility to burn them too.

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coolgamerboy (3 July 2011):
when 1 persons on fire.. OH DAMM PEAPLE WHO PLAYED THIS WOULD KNOW anyway cool game Cool  Wave  Clap hands
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