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Title: Even Dead Men Die

Description: Many of us haven’t experienced a situation where you need to fight for your life. We are talking about a moment in real life where you have to shoot someone or battle like a lion to stay alive.

Yes there are professions that demand this from you like police officer, soldier, member of a anti-terrorist squad etc. But the rest of us happily go to our offices, sit on our desks and have a safe life.

Game Walkthrough:The action in this game takes place in the scariest surrounding there is, the graveyard. The dead rise from the graves and it’s your job not to let them escape from there. Yes, it’s obvious – you have to return them to the place they belong, the grave. These zombies are your targets in ‘Even Dead Men Die’. So you have a gun in your hand and you have to aim good to eliminate them as fast as you can. In here we will measure your precision and the quickness of your reactions. It’s a classical shooting game with one significant difference from the rest of them; you have to kill some zombies. Are you ready for that?

Game Instructions:Take the computer mouse in your hand and you are ready to destroy some zombies. By moving the mouse you aim and when you click on the left button you shoot. We advise you to aim at the zombie’s head. It’s the easiest way to eliminate them. At the end you can see your total score and how many of them you have managed to kill. So pick up your weapon and face these daemons! You have no other choice!

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