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Title: Shoot The Zombies

Description: A person may become a zombie if he is infested by another zombie but also it is said that if dead person wakes up from the dead, he also becomes a zombie. The process is called zombification and it is actually a process of animating corpse and takes part from the traditional voodoo religion. This procedure can be seen in famous Resident evil and is some kind of fission of the soul to detach that part responsible for individuality. Still we can’t be sure that this process actually works but however we are sure that the theory about it exists.

Game walkthrough: You are at the graveyard and there are those zombies coming out of the graves. The following game will be quite easy to play but that doesn’t mean that it won’t be interesting. You have 30 seconds in which you should kill all the zombies and you’ll get points for that. Actually they are already dead but you should destroy them totally so you will get 1 point for every limb and one point for head or torso. That means that one zombie can give you a lot of points if you manage to hit all his pieces in that short time period. Since the limbs are smaller, you better aim for the head or the torso, and when you feel that you are fast and accurate enough, aim for them too.

Game instructions: Don’t let this frightening scene scare you, and be prepared to face numerous zombies coming out of their graves. Once you see a zombie, kill him! Aim with the mouse cursor and shoot using the left mouse button. Make as many shots as you can on one zombie, but don’t let the others go away from you, shoot them too!

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