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Title: Big Pixel Zombies

Description: In this computer age, one of the most frequently used words is the word `pixel`! So, you probably know its meaning! But if you don`t here is some short information about it. So this word has several meanings, but in digital imaging, a pixel, or pel which is an abbreviation of picture element is a single point in a raster image. It is actually the smallest screen element in a display device and the smallest constituent of picture to be denoted or managed! Each pixel has a certain address which is compatible to its coordinates. So, these little pixels are usually organized in a two-dimensional grid, mostly depicted with dots or squares.Well enough about those pixels, let`s play now and kill those pixel zombies! But they are not little, as the pixels are, but big pixel zombies!

Game Walkthrough: At the start you will be given to choose your shooting character and enter his name! The outbreak has reached London, so it`s time to kill some zombies. You will see a map of the most important points in the city at first, and after that you can start your shooting mission! Yeah, those zombies have to be killed! London is in your hands! Don`t let it be invaded by those creatures that are neither dead nor alive!

This game requires good coordination of the movements! So try to be very careful and aware all the time! Those zombies are emerging from every corner!

Game Instructions: You should move your mouse around the game screen to make your pixel zombie move into the space! You need to click on the left mouse button so that your little character can shoot at these zombies! So, when you press your left mouse button to shoot, your character will be able to auto-aim at the nearest zombie! To change guns you have to press Q and E buttons from your keyboard! So let`s go and shoot those little zombies! Good luck and have fun!

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Added: 15 September 2010
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