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Title: Braidy

Description: Clowns are people who are dressed is colorful, baggy clothes, and painted all over their face, usually a big red smile on their mouth and a round red nose. However, there are also sad clowns who have not got a smile and have a big tear drawn on their face. You can usually find them of children’s birthdays or in circuses.

Game walkthrough: In this game, you are playing with Braidy the clown. He was a happy clown once, but now, the situation that he is in, has made him a very, very sad one. What you need to do is guide him to the bumpers without falling. Do you think you will be able to do that? Collect the multipliers that you find along the way so that you can increase your score even more.

Game instructions: To guide Braidy, you will need to use the arrow keys. The up and down are to jump or go down, while the left and right are to move left and right. That is all you need, so let’s start this game. And remember one thing, different bumpers do different things, so make sure you try them all and find the one Braidy likes the most!

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Added: 30 August 2010
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