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Title: Deady

Description: How is your knowledge in gothic music and gothic subculture? Do you know something about Voltaire? Well he is very popular dark cabaret Cuban - American musician. He has a very decent music career, but besides that he is a practiced animator and comic artist, and also a professor at the School of Visual Arts in New York. The list of his works is quite large and between them are the DEADY series.

Deady is a t first sight little teddy, but only at first sight. Like every other teddy bear, he may appear quite cute on outside but he is really mean in the inside. The story about Deady is that he is actually a discarded teddy whose body has been used to gather the supreme wicked things in the Galaxy. As we said he looks sweet and cuddly, and he likes kids but he likes them for dinner!

Game Walkthrough:Since you’ve met Deady, now meet the incredible Deady game! The game takes place in the cemetery planet of Necronus. The thing is that the newspapers have publicized that Deady has run away and at this moment he is dispersing his wickedness all around. In that place there is one main skeleton and when he hears the news, he laughs at them. According to him, he is the most evil creature in the Galaxy and Deady is a little girl, compared with him. When Deady hears about this, he becomes really pised off! He decides to show everyone that he is the most wicked guy in the Universe! As you may imagine, you’ll have the job to assist Deady overcome an armada of undead skeletons! Deady will fight against numerous nasty creatures and at the ending, he will fight with the main skeleton.

Game instructions: Now go there and show to the world who is the most evil creature! In the game all moves so you don’t have to move at all sometimes. It could be useful sometimes to find yourself one spot and beat them from there. When it seems that it would be more practicable, move back and forward to meet the creatures that appear in the game. Space bar will use you for jumping and the left mouse button is for hitting. You are supposed to attack only when you’ll find yourself flying on a bat. Check out the things and take pleasure in this great gothic game! Voltaire’s music will follow you all the time. Enjoy!

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coolgamerboy (6 July 2011):
DUDE TOO FAST too be honest but :L No comment joke its so not cool @  Hmm...  Sad
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