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Title: Dawn Of The Celebs 2

Description: Yeah right, let’s be honest, most of the people would love to live a life of a celebrity! They say that they are satisfied with their own lives, and yes they are in some way, but just imagine how it would be if you may live in a huge house designed for you own needs, with 10 bedrooms, 5 toilets, 3 bathrooms with extra large tub and a Jacuzzi, 3 rooms for clothes and 1 for shoes, Olympic swimming pool in your garden, your own fitness hall, a Porsche or Ferrari or whatever you like? Let’s say with one word: Everything! Wow man that’s awesome!

And since we all could not have all these things, we are many times jealous of the celebrities. All right, not all of use, but some of us truly are. They are those people who are all the time pissed off by the behavior of some famous guy or girl, always speaking how ugly or untalented they are. And that’s the moment when all rumors come, in order to prove ourselves that they are just humans and unpleasant things happen to them as well.

Game Walkthrough: Spreading rumors is one way to blacken the achievements of a celebrity but here is one more way. Would it make you happy if you see Jessica Alba running around turned into nasty zombie? Well friend, if you have so wicked thoughts, you are on the right place!

Dawn of the Celebs 2 is a great zombie shooter. Believe it or not, Sylvester Stallone will be your driver on your road spiced with killing zombies. No one knows what has happened but all Hollywood stars have turned into terrible zombies and you are a cop who must save Hollywood. While Stallone drives, you shoot zombies and you won’t believe to your eyes for the things that you’ll see. Prepare to see many celebrities as zombies. Let’s start with Ben Stiller, Omar Sharif, Orlando Bloom, Michael Jackson… Well this will be a hell of a drive!

Game Instructions: You must get rid of these celebrities if you like to stay alive. Be careful because they are coming into you running and also expect that they may jump at you in any moment, so react as fast as you can. You can kill them on two ways, with shooting or kicking. Use the left click of the mouse to shoot and the Space bar to punch. We recommend you to shoot them when they are still not so near and to punch them when they try to pop up on your car. The number keys 1, 2, or 3 use for changing weapons, while R key is for reload. Now start the killing and remember that the destiny of Hollywood lies in your hands! Good luck!

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Added: 25 June 2010
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