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Zombie Apocalypse System Breakdown for Punters

Zombie Apocalypse System Breakdown for Punters

Sometimes all you need to win your bet on a sport event is a good knowledge of phycology and human strength. Its no secret that players usually fall under stress and injuries during the playing season. Zombie Apocalypse model takes into account the rate at which players efficiency decreases due to fatigue as the season progresses. Let’s have a look at how this model is built on this idea of player fatigue in relation to team strength as the league progresses.

Fans of NBA games sure love to place bets on these kinds of events. Years ago, there used to be four games in five nights. This was the NBAs schedule for its players. Now, the schedule has changed. There are three games in four nights, back-to-back. This is known as the tired spot and what they call “Zombie Apocalypse System” for NBA betting. Create betxchange account to use the Zombie Apocalypse System to bet on NBA games to win big.

Its easy to create a Betxchange account. All you need to do is click login at the right corner, click on register, fill in your personal information such as your email, phone number and so on, click on next at the bottom of your screen, then you can verify your account through the email sent to you. If you are struggling with your Betxchange login, all you need to do is try another browser or make use of your mobile phone.

Now, let’s look at the way we can affect the Zombie Apocalypse System. There are 17 games in total here. Large bets can be placed on these games against teams that will be in the tired spot. (February 9) The Wizards are playing back-to-back games which are two nights in a row. They will be playing their third game of the fourth night on a back-to-back. Keep it in mind that this game is based in Chicago.

(February 10) Now Orlando’s are playing three games in four nights, on a back-to-back. Travelling from Milwaukee to Atlanta. One time zone to the other, will definitely be stressful. The Zombie Apocalypse system is playing out already. (February 11) The Heat travels from Oakland o Denver for three games in four nights on a back-to-back. This is after a match with the Warriors, tiring.

(February 12) the Lakers travel to Atlanta for their fifth game, it’s been a five-game road trip and they’ve played against the Celtics and 76ers. It will be difficult to be so agile after such a tiring schedule. (February 28) there are three Zombie Apocalypse System picks on this day. The Heat are playing in Houston after playing a match against the Warriors in Miami the previous night. The Pacers are hosting Minnesota after stopping in Detroit and Dallas the night before. The Warriors are on a back-to-back with their three games in one night, playing the Magic.

The ‘Acela Angle' is a betting angle where, for example the Warriors play at Miami and at Orlando for consecutive nights. Over the years, teams have struggled to win these kinds of games. (March 4) the Hawks travel from Atlanta to Chicago to Miami. The Pelicans as well travel from Denver to Utah for their fourth game in six nights. (March 8) the Thunder plays against the Clippers. It is their sixth game in nine days on a back-to-back. (March 21) the Wizards play against Denver in a 3-in-4 and back-to-back, three time zones in the stretch.

(March 27) the Lakers play in Utah on a 3-in-4, back-to-back. The Spurs play in from San Antonio to Denver on a 3-in-4, back-to-back. The Hawks are playing a home game against Philly on a 3-in-4, back-to-back from Atlanta to San Antonio and back to Atlanta (a three-time zone stretch). And finally (April 10) the Knicks play Detroit from New York, to Chicago and back to New York. The Jazz travel from LA to Utah and back to LA to complete the season.

Yikes, what a ride. In the first half of NBA Zombies, the team that was betted against won first half most of the time. The Zombies that did not win in the early part of the season did well in the second half of the game. You should take advantage of these kinds of games, you’re sure to win a thing or two. Put the ‘Zombie Apocalypse System’ to use today, you may hit the jackpot!

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