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Other Scary Games
Spiderwick Chronicles
Spiderwick Chronicles
Use your mouse to throw shingles at Goblins, Red Caps and Mole Trolls. Be careful don't let them reach the mansion or the field...
(Played: 1,127)
The Darkness
The Darkness
Play with the evil demon. He will play on a guitar and make sound that you will have to memorize it and play it after him or el...
(Played: 1,450)
The House
The House
Built in 1970, and deserted some time after that, no one has entered the house since the entire family committed suicide due to...
(Played: 1,369)
The Infection
The Infection
A high tech research facility is under lock-down after a biological threat has been detected. You have been chosen to enter its...
(Played: 1,302)
We have all heard tales about old houses and abandoned castles and how there are many mysteries hidden between their walls. The...
(Played: 11,057)
Urban Soldiers
Urban Soldiers
Your task here is to eliminate all the zombies and monsters before they eliminate you. All you have to do is shoot at them. Whe...
(Played: 1,276)
Youda Survivor 2
Youda Survivor 2
Welcome to Youda Survivor 2! This is a great game in many ways, but the best things of all that the game stands alone and you d...
(Played: 922)
Zombie Invincible
Zombie Invincible
For some people there comes a time in their life when they have to pick up the gun and protect themselves from all the others. ...
(Played: 3,295)
Get on your skateboard an try to kill as many zombies as possible. Find the keys to the zamboni to hop in it and grind some zom...
(Played: 1,524)
Run for your life! Run as fast as possible, but look behind you! The zombies are after you, and they will get you if you don't ...
(Played: 1,275)
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